•  We hold a yearly “fun run” in Bow Island. It is an un-timed walk/run/sprint event that raises funds for our local initiative. 25% of proceeds go to the Bow Island volunteer fire department and 75% goes to helping individuals and families in need in Canada.
  • In December each year we contribute financially to local food banks and in consultation with them find families in need to sponsor with food hampers and Christmas gifts. For those who have little it gives a ray of hope in a time where having little can often take away hope. 
    Please contact us if you know of people in need that together we can bless and inspire hope.


Our heart and mission is to help people and families in Canada that are faced with temporary basic human needs that cannot be filled in any other ways. Our goal is to come alongside and learn how we can best help, to provide a “hand-up” so that the need can be filled and life can carry on..

 We are “committed to helping alleviate poverty at home”

~ And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. ~


We also have built up a working “model” for creating inspired outreach within companies. We seek to share our stories to inspire other companies to create employee-led charity initiatives that dramatically change and inspire employees in the workplace. We offer the ideas for how to make it work and the projects that you can direct your employee contributions go towards.


In2action |  2014